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Clio Cup China Series is a one-make race formed by FRD Motorsports. The main machine will be Clio by Renault from France. Clio Cup had been promoted in 15 countries worldwide, and Clio Cup China Series was introduced since 2009 and started the race in circuits within China. By 2017, there will be more drivers to compete in this series in 5 circuits to test the overall techniques of all drivers, which will be Guangdong International Circuit, Zhuhai International Circuit, Shanghai International Circuit, Zhejiang International Circuit and Cheng Du International Circuit.

2017 Renault Clio Cup China Series will be kicking off the seaon by 18th March in Zhuhai International Circuit alongside with Pan Delta Super Racing Festival. Last year Malaysian driver Kenneth Lim took the overall champion with 10 personal consecutive wins while another Malaysian female driver Leona China had made her debut appearance in the series and finished with overall 1st runner-up. The Malaysians had dominated the two-third of the final podium. Anyone would try to take up the challenge for this year?

There were a total of 28 drivers participated throughout the 2016 season, including CTCC champion Andy Yan, HTCC champion Denise Yeung, celebrity Jacquelin Chng. Moreover, FRD had chosen two drivers from “Road to Champion” Young Driver Program, and both drivers - Jay Wong and Louis Lai had made a double champion in Zhuhai and Zhaoqing respectively. 

In addition to five different locations, the flashing point of 2017 Renault Clio Cup China Series will run with an engine-upgraded version Clio Cup car, producing 260hp. The performance is expected to be way better than the original power, especially on the tracks with long straight. For any enquiries on joining the series or interested in putting up the interest in motorsport from the driving school, please contact +852 2957 8833 or email to

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Originally begun by Renault Sport in Europe, managed and organized by Formula Racing Development (FRD) in China, the Clio Cup China Series