Asian GT Series Race 2, Two pole positions, Two winners.

Source:   Post:2011-10-24

       In order to reduce the connection of the first round and the second round, Asian GT Series will have two qualifying in Race 2. The result of the qualifying on 21st Oct will be the position of race 1 on 22nd Oct. The second qualifying on 22nd Oct and race 2 on 23rd Oct will be related.

        The first Qualifying of Asian GT series started at 14:20 on 21st Oct, although Byron Tong had a skid at the beginning, he still won gained the pole position with the fastest time 1:54.804 in lap 4.. Francis Hideki Onda made the fastest time also in lap 4, and had the second place on the grid. The only female driver Diana Rosario maintained the fourth position. Chin Ka Lok and Carlo Ng who first officially joined the series respectively made the fastest time in lap 8 and lap 4, the times put them into the positions of top three in Class A.  

          The second qualifying was at 11:30 on 22nd Oct, HongKong driver Eric Lo who was the first time attend this year’s race gained the pole position in lap 6 with the time 1:53.576. He is the only driver who can break the 1:54 wall at that day. The 2nd position and 3rd position was the same as the first qualifying, respectively Francis Hideki Onda and Zheng Ting.

       Round 3 was start at 16:20 on 22nd Oct by using the rolling start. Byron who won the pole position leaded until lap 3. Unfortunately, his racing car had a skid, Francis and Diana took the chance and passed Byron immediately and Francis maintained the first position until the 13-laps race finished. But in lap 6, Byron passed Diana and finished the race as the first runner-up. Diana started on 4th position and passed Zheng Ting after lap 1, she kept the 3rd position successfully before the race finished and passed the finish line as the 2nd runner-up.

         Chin Ka Lok who was driving the Ferrari 360 started on 7th position, and did a great job on defending the position, so he passed the finished line as the 1st of Class A. The other new driver for Asian GT series Carlo Ng was unlucky in the first race, an technical problem of the car in lap 4 forced him to quit from the race. Frank Yu as the 1st runner-up and Calvin Tse as the 2nd runner-up stood on the podium.

        After the race, Chin Ka Lok indicated:” I am very happy that I can stand on the podium as the winner of the Asian GT series. The racing car I drove today is very different from the Focus which as the racing car for Celebrity Charity Race. The two qualifying help me finding out the feeling of how to drive this car in the circuit; but standing on the podium was not I expect and I felt so surprised. I hope I can continue the successful and stand on the podium again.