Eric Lo won the Round 4 of the Asian GT series

Source:   Post:2011-10-24

        Round 4 of the Asian GT Series (AGT) started at 13:50 on 23rd Oct. According to the second qualifying on 22nd Oct, Eric Lo had the pole position; Francis Hideki Onda was on the 2nd position, fllowing by Zheng Ting.

        By using the rolling start, and combined his driving skill, Eric maintained the first position from the beginning to the end. Francis kept up with Eric Lo all the way until the chequer flag showed up.

       Not the same as the 1st and 2nd position, the 3rd position changed owner three times. Diana Rosario who started on 6th position passed Shaun Thong and Zheng Ting and gained the 3rd position. However after two laps, young driver Shaun Thong overtook Diana in T1 and got back to 3rd position; unfortunately, he overtook when the yellow flag showed up, so he was added 30 seconds, finally Diana won the third place of the GT Group.

        Chin Ka Lok who won round 3 on 22nd Oct kept his words, though he started on 3rd position in Class A, after one lap, he passed Byron and pass the finish line as the winner for Class A. Byron and Calvin Tse together stood on the podium as 2-3.

The final race of AGT will go to Zhuhai Audi International Circuit On Dec, at that time, the title fight surely will be more attractive cause from the driver point, Francis now has 94 points on the 1st place of AGT, and Diana and Chin now have the same points.