The last race of 2012 AFR Series was successfully completed

Source:AFR Series   Post:2012-12-09

The last round of the AFR Series was held in Zhuhai International Circuit in Dec 9th. The two Japanese drivers from Buzz racing team Satoshi Kosugi and Yosuke Yamazaki claimed the first and second place again in the International Class. In IFC class, Micheal Choi from PS Racing did  pretty performance and finally got the last winner trophy.

As there was one racing suffered a technical problem in the warm up lap and stopped in T1, the race was delayed 4 minutes. According to the result of round 7, Yosuke Yamazaki was standing in the pole position and took the first place right after the race started, following by his teammate Satoshi Kosugi and No.24 Shigetomo Shimono of Hopewill Buzz Racing. However, Yosuke Yamazaki was overtaken by Satoshi Kosugi in Lap 2 who maintained the winner place in the whole competition from then on.

The most attracted part of the competition was in the middle part Between the No.88 from Champ motorsport racing team Victor Yung , No.11 from KRC Racing Jason Kang,No.96 from PS racing Ben Li and No.51 from Asia Racing Team Teo Sek Sing Timothy,multiple overtaking actions continually, No.88 Victor Yung continued to pursue ahead finally he went up from 13th to 10th and became the second place. In lap 7, who was standing in the third place of IFC class Teo Sek Sing Timothy collided with another car during overtaking, which forced him to fall two places behind, but he quickly overtook the third place back after three laps.

After the last race, in the national class, Yosuke Yamazaki gained the champion through 4 times to get the title of the 8 rounds. In IFC class, even the champion Wayne Shen did not take part in the last round, though he won 4 times in substation, still got the champion of 2012.

International Team

IFC Team

Driver First

Yosuke Yamazaki

Wayne Shen


Satoshi Kosugi

Thomas Chow


Shigetomo Shimono

John Shen

Team First

Buzz Racing



Hopewill Buzz Racing

Modena Motosport



PS Racing