Clio AFR Launch & 2015 race schedule

Source:FRD   Post:2014-09-27

President of Formula Racing Development Limited (“FRD”) Mr. Kenneth Ma said at the new car launch on 26thSeptember: “2015 is significant to Clio Cup and AFR Series as Clio Cup MK4 and FR2.0/13 will be joining the series in the year.” Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing in China, Mr. Chen Wei also showed his support towards the motorsports in Asia.

To meet the new cars launch, FRD has arranged 10 new Clio car drivers to first drive their new cars in Circuito de Jerez, Spain to race at World Series of Renault next month. Meanwhile, it was announced that KCMG would join the Asian Formula Renault Series (AFR) in 2015 with FR2.0/13.

Superstar such asChen Xiaoyi, Chin Kar Lok, Jacqueline Ch’ng, Alex Fong, Timmy Hung, HongYin, Toby Leung, Liang Jing, Carlo Ng, Stephy Tang, Mary Wong and YuanHao Yao, as well as Clio drivers and AFR teams lighted up the launch of the new cars. Clio drivers Jacqueline and Hu Cheng Wei enjoyed racing and believed that Clio Cup was a worthy platform for drivers. Mr. Chin Kar Lok joined Clio Cup in 2007 which enhanced his skills and Formula Racing was another milestone of his race career.

There will be 12 races to be held in Shanghai, Zhuhai, Malaysia, Chengdu in 2015 of which the most attractive should be the planning of AFR Series in Macau. New FR2.0/13 and current model FR2.0 would have separate classes and sub-classes on the same track. Also, the Celebrity race was scheduled in the second week of October 2015 at the World Series of Renault.