Alice Powell and Naomi became the first women to win AFR and Clio Cup

Source:FRD   Post:2015-01-03

In 2014, Asia Formula Renault and Clio Cup became more special than the past, because the winner of the both races is by female racers, which they are also the only lady in their own group. Alice Powell, who joined the Asia Formula Renault, had threw all her pressure out of her mind when she tried to get to the pole among all other male drivers. Although women are always being underrated during any sports races, Alice Powell made this statement become inappropriate in the 2014 Asia Formula Renault, and won her first AFR Series International Class Championship.



Alice Powell felt very grateful about her performance throughout the 2014 season, “It was not only my effort to make this happen but the whole race team had helpedme along the race series to win this trophy. I am also happy to make the best run during round 8, ShigetomoShimono from Heart Forex Racing was a tough rival, I was the pole to start the race and had good pace so keep the lead to stay ahead ofhimthroughout the race”.



In Clio Cup Series, another female driver Naomi Schiff had done a good job throughout the whole season of race that she won 8 champions in 10 rounds, which means that she became the best Clio female driver in the Clio Cup history.



Naomi said her best act is in Round 2, where she successfully passed Yu Kam Cheong in the last lap and made her first championship in the 2014 Clio Cup season. Although she didn’t get used to the race in the very beginning of the season and only made 7th place in Round 1 and missed the 1st place in Round 6, she just made this pressure become nothing and maintained her pole to cross the finish line for the rest of the races. Accumulating the points all over the season, Naomi won the trophy with amazing result of 318 points, outstripped the 2nd place with 135 points.