Le Mans Prototype heading to Zhejiang for Shakedown

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-05-17
The first ever Le Mans Prototype Event in China - FRD LMP3 Series is now confirming the first race to be hosting in Zhejiang International Circuit on 1st July, 2017. Due to the delay of the shipment, the cars had been waiting long enough until updates today.

All the prototype racecars had arrived Hong Kong and preparing for packing into container to Zhejiang at this moment. It is assumed to be arriving Zhejiang by the middle of June. The shakedown will be undergoing on 27th June so that teams and drivers will have enough time to prepare everything they need to know about the new circuit and adjustments that will be needed to make. There is still more than a month to go but teams and drivers had already started doing testing and training on drivers’ fitness and simulations, hoping to have more advantage before the race started.

Kenneth Ma, founder of Formula Racing Development and FRD LMP3 Series, expressed that, “After months of arrangements and supports from parties, the prototype LMP3 are now heading to Zhejiang International Circuit. This is the best news for FRD and teams and drivers. Since the date of the press conference of FRD LMP3 launch, international teams and sponsors had been attracted by the series. Once the race started, there will be more enquiries from these parties and I hope that the race will be jumping to a higher level in a short period.”