FRD Triple Events in July Zhejiang

Source:FRD Latest Race Schedule   Post:2017-05-19
This July means a lot to FRD, because other than the starting race of new prototype China event FRD LMP3 Series, Asian Formula Renault and Clio Cup China Series will be having the same schedule altogether in the newly built Zhejiang International Circuit. All the young and professional drivers from the globe will be gathering at this amazing race weekend, and will perform their best to win the first champion in Zhejiang.

After the first round in Zhuhai International Circuit, Renault Clio Cup China Series will continue their route in Zhejiang, China. Song Bo is now leading with 59 points while David Lau is 5 points behind from the lead. Yang Chun Lei is standing on the third with 50 points. New coming driver Paul Ho from E Touring Car Challenge will be joining the battle in the new circuit, which will bring some more heat to the race.

The exciting Asian Formula Renault Series will be finishing the last race in the first half season. Charles Leong from BlackArts Racing had lost the pole in Sepang weekend but still able to defend his leading position before Race 5, and he is the only driver who had accumulated points over 100. Daniel Lu from Asia Racing Team is standing on the second with 89 points and Louis Prette from BlackArts Racing is on the third, with only 4 points ahead from Victor
Liang from PS Racing.

FRD LMP3 Series is the most attracting events for the weekend. Both organizer and teams are preparing for the debut race. At this moment, there are six confirmed teams including S&D Motorsports from Malaysia, Eurasia from Philippines, KCMG, Craft-Bamboo, FS Sports from Hong Kong, and PTRS Racing from Taiwan. The teams had also found their ideal drivers to race for the series, which will lead to an early communication.

The race weekend will be having live streaming on the internet, audiences from all over the world will be able to support the race and their favorite drivers.