LMP3 cars are now ready in Zhejiang

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-06-13
After delays from the courier, the LMP3 racecars are now arrived at Zhejiang International Circuit. Professional crews are unloading the cars and parts and under preliminary inspection.


FRD had announced earlier that Round 1 of the 2017 FRD LMP3 Series, originally scheduled for 27-28 May at the new Zhejiang circuit, has been delayed until 1-2 July due to a delay in the delivery of the Ligier LMP3 cars at the Customs stage. This will also reduce the series to four events, with the first event still at Zhejiang.


Shane Rogers, Series Manager of FRD LMP3 Series, expressed that, “I am glad to hear that the cars are now arriving at the track, which means the debut race will be starting off on schedule. Teams are also gathering information from the circuit, which they are eager to make the first record for the Le Mans Prototype in Zhejiang International Circuit.”


Kenneth Ma, founder of Formula Racing Development expressed that, “The arrival of the cars had help the teams to put aside the worries, while there are new teams asking for the details about the series, which can prove that the FRD LMP3 Series had caught attention from worldwide. I hope that there will be more parties from different fields to involve in this series to make it diversify.”


The race weekend will be having live streaming on the internet; audiences from all over the world will be able to support the race and their favorite drivers.