We need your vote! Your favorite Chinese Driver in FRD LMP3 Series!

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-06-16
Except just sitting in the pavilion, why not taking out your phone and vote for your favorite Chinese drivers in FRD LMP3 Series? Show your support to them and appreciate their outstanding performance in their debut appearance in the series.


The purpose of having International and Chinese drivers compete and cooperating together is to let more audiences to know them in deep, while having the opportunity to watch one of the most wonderful race in China, and also to show the strong potential of Chinese drivers will not always be inferior. As seen on the drivers list, the joining Chinese drivers are not novice in motorsport industry, including 3-time CTCC Champion Andy Yan, Changan Ford Racing Team Captain He Xiaole, Formula Genius Leo Ye, WTCC and F1 Test Driver Ma Qinghua and more. FRD LMP3 Series will be the first Le Mans Prototype event in Zhejiang International Circuit, meaning the race will be under the most fair condition among all drivers. Stay tune for any voting procedures!