David Lau beats Frank Yee to win the 5th round Clio Cup China Series

Source:Renault Clio Cup China Series   Post:2017-08-27
The 5th round of Clio Cup China Series took place in Shanghai International Circuit on Agu. 27th. According to the 1st qualifying result, David Lau, Yang Chun Lei, Frank Yee and Zhou Jia will start from the 1st and 4th on the grid.

At the start, Yang Chun Lei made a terrible start and he dropped to the last when turning into the first corner. However, it only took Yang Chun Lei one lap to recover from his terrible start to re-take the 4th position. David Lau, the pole position winner, had a bad start as well as he lost the leading position to Frank Yee, who had a great start improving from the 3rd.

On the 2nd lap, Yang Chun Lei quickly closed his gap with Zhou Jia, and after a tense battle, Yang Chun Lei managed to overtake Zhou Jia on the 3rd lap and fought back to the 3rd place.

The battle for the victory became the focus of the second half of the race. On the 5th lap, David Lau approached Frank Yee on the back straight, stayed on the inside and got through the corner first. Frank Yee fought back from the outside and maintained his position. But unfortunately, Frank Yee missed the braking point of the last corner and came off the track. David Lau then passed Frank Yee and punched straight away to take the lead.