David Lau dominated the 6th round Clio Cup China Series

Source:Renault Clio Cup China Series   Post:2017-08-27
David Lau dominated a fascinating 2nd round Clio Cup China Series took place in Shanghai International Circuit on Sunday.

During the start, Wang Hao Hao, who started from the 2nd place, made an impressive start, which enabled him to take the leading position ahead of David Lau. However, the experienced David Lau made the revenge in a right corner on the 2nd lap. In the next few laps, David Lau enlarged his lead to more than 4s and took the lead to the end of the race.

Behind them, Yang Chun Lei at the 3rd place also showed a strong pace as he pressured Wang Hao Hao and tried to overtake him at the hairpin corner for several times. On the 7th lap, he cut the advantage into merely 0.085s.

On the 7th lap, Yang Chun Lei suddenly took the inside line and got through the corner before Wang Hao Hao. But he didn’t manage to keep the advantage to the end. Wang Hao Hao broke later at the hairpin corner and took the place from Yang Chun Lei again.

In the final three corners, Frank Yee got the second wind and overtook Yang Chun Lei and Wang Hao Hao in a row, winning the 2nd place at the final moment.