S&D Motorsports Continue to race FRD LMP3 Series 2018

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-12-14
After the official announcement of Eurasia continue their journey in FRD LMP3 Series next year, today Malaysia Team S&D Motorsports had also confirmed their plan in this China’s only prototype championship. Although they are still seeking for the new drivers, the plan will be announcing in the beginning of 2018.

S&D Motorsports had a total of 6 drivers joined the 2017 FRD LMP3 Series with them, including F1 test driver Ma Qing Hua, Australian F3 Champion Timothy Macrow, 2014 Asian Le Mans Series Champion Kevin Tse, Japan F3 driver Ye Hong Li etc. They are also the first team to clock the fastest lap during the qualifying in the debut race in Zhejiang.

S&D Motorsports Team is a racing crew with over 10 years of establishment, with their strong and professional experience from hiring top managers, mechanics, technicians and racers, they have been winning trophies and keep participating in every race and wish to stand on the podium every single time. Harry’s technical support from Katech senior engineer, an American race car engine manufacturer, which helped a S&D Team a lot when involving mechanical and technical issues, improvements on the team management.

Harry Chai, team manager of S&D Motorsports, expressed that, “Last year FRD LMP3 Series is a very big success in China motorsport, while people were talking about the series all year long, because there are not many motorsport events in China that can help drivers to promote to the world’s top tier series, especially to any prototype series such as 24h of Le Mans, which even champion drivers were hardly foresee or plan ahead for the direction in the upcoming year. The startup of FRD LMP3 Series encouraged a lot of potential or young drivers from China to show their skills in front of the International teams, while they also had the chance to team up with foreign drivers so that they will be able to build up the network with the team, or even the areas that the team can approach. This series helped the Chinese motorsport to link up with the World Series in a more efficient way.”

For interested party who would like to join FRD LMP3 Series with S&D Motorsports, please contact Harry Chai for more details (harry.sndmotorsports@gmail.com).