China Electric Touring Car Challenge Launching in 2018

Source: China Electric Touring Car Challenge   Post:2017-12-22
As car manufacturers are picking up the concept of environmental friendly vehicle, the trend will also be applying to motorsport in the future. At the same year where Formula E had started to host in Hong Kong in 2016, FRD had hosted the world first ever E-Touring Car Challenge in the same weekend. With 16 E-racecars and the joining from Hong Kong celebrities and drivers, the event was a huge success to promote motorsport to Hong Kong public. Coincides with the 2017 CAMF Annual General Meeting had held in Ningbo, FRD officially announced the launching of China Electric Touring Car Challenge starting in 2018, turning over a new leaf in China motorsport with the brand new concept from history.

By 2018, FRD will continue the concept of E-Touring Car Challenge by launching the China Electric Touring Car Challenge, so as to promote the electric motorsport events all over China.

Technically, FRD will be applying street E-cars technology alongside with the new design aero parts, electronic enhancement, to bring the best E-racecars to the series which FRD had already cooperated with factories in Europe in doing research and development months ago.

With zero emission and low noise pollution, China Electric Touring Car Challenge will be easily to host races in the middle of the cities, so as to bring the exciting races close to the public, while expanding the level of exposure for the car manufacturers. The first race will be hosting by October 2018 and the second race will be wrapping up by December 2018. We are looking forward to seeing you joining in 2018 China Electric Touring Car Challenge!