FRD 20th Anniversary & CETC Launching Ceremony in Beijing

Source:FRD 20th Anniversary   Post:2018-01-30

After 20 years of promotion, Zhuhai Formula Racing Development had announced today in Beijing for launching the
brand new China Electric Touring Car Challenge. At the same time, FRD had given out prizes to 12 important people who helped and supported FRD for decades.

FRD established in 1997, they started off from Formula Campus Championship to Asian Formula Renault, and to Renault
Clio Cup China Series, Celebrity Race, E-Touring Car Challenge. By 2017 they also launched FRD LMP3 Series.
FRD had built the strongest motorsport platform in China with the highest International level race events.
FRD has been called the “Cradle of Asian Drivers”, which founder Kenneth Ma had contributed his lifetime in developing
motorsport and young drivers in decades. For this FRD would also like to thank all the partners alongside with them, including:

- Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of People’s Republic of China Vice Chairman Mr. He Jian Dong
- Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of People’s Republic of China Sporting Officer Mr. Xian Tong Chun
- China Central Television Sports Channel Marketing and Managing Director Mr. Cao Bin
- Guangdong Television Sports Channel Director Mr. Zhou Chun
- Celebrity Mr. Chin Ka Lok
- Changan Ford Racing Team Driver Mr. Rainey He
- Shanghai LiSheng Racing Co. Ltd Vice Chief Manager Mr. Zhang Guoguang
- Asia Racing Team Partner Mr. Philippe Descombes
- Giti Tire (China) Investment Co Ltd Sales Assistant Manager Mr. Moh Chai Ong
- Tianjin Baleno Co. Ltd Northern General Manager Liang Haojie

Honorable guests had given a speech to express their continuous support and blessings
to FRD in the upcoming season and received a souvenir from Kenneth Ma.

With videos playback, guests had enjoyed the memorial moments that FRD had done in the past 20 years,
while some other important people who didn’t attend the events had also given a speech through recorded videos,
 such as ZIC General Manager Stewart Tan, FS Sport and PTRS founder and celebrity Aaron Kwok and Jimmy Lin,
and also Sun Nan who participated in Celebrity Race in the past.

Last but not least is the announcement of FRD undertook CAMF’s newly established “China Electric Touring Car Challenge”,
while important guests were invited to the stage to press the launch button together. With such huge event, FRD had invited China
EV100s Vice Secretary Head Mr. Liu Xiaoshi and China Automobile Industry Association, Deputy Secretary Head Ms. Gao Qianqian
to give the guests a speech to share the prospect of future electric car racing development.

With all the support, FRD will keep working towards to promote motorsport in China,
and to the globe. Let’s look forward to seeing the coming 2018 season!